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About Mid Coast Pet Cremations


Pet Cremation NSW

Our journey into pet cremations began for us in 2012 when an opportunity arose for our family to become the new owners of a local pet cremation business that had been operating since 1986. We were no stranger to the pet cremation industry as we had been having our pets cremated since 1997.


Having had our own pets individually cremated for over 15 years we knew what to expect, but we also felt that there was a need for a more personalised service.


It was our commitment to the pets entrusted into our care that we would treat them with dignity, compassion, and respect, as if they were one of our pets. Every pet was individually cremated by us and known to us by their name. We were a family business, and it was through our own personal experiences that we were able to support other pet families during the devasting loss of a beloved family member.


As sad as it was, it was also rewarding for us because we got to hear so many lovely stories about the pets we looked after and that brought joy to us knowing that there were other people who loved their pets as much as we did.


In 2019 we bought a beautiful farm in Nabiac where we planned to move there with our menagerie of pets and make it our forever home. However, this meant that we had to sell our pet cremation business in Sydney, because we personally could not provide the personal service our clients were used to by employing staff.


In 2021, we finally made the move to Nabiac, along with our 5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 sheep and a goat. We love living in Nabiac, we love the local community and enjoy the amble space we have at our disposal.


Since our move here we have lost Penny and Lewis our two beautiful elderly Bullmastiffs and Buzz my special Exotic Shorthaired cat. This meant that we had to find a local pet cremation business that offered individual cremations and that could be at our service within a few hours of contact. At the time we couldn’t find any local pet cremation business that offered this.


Hence, this is how Midcoast Pet Cremations was born.


Midcoast Pet Cremations is owned and operated by us, Wayne and Liz, from our farm at Nabiac. We operate under the same philosophy as our previous pet cremation business where your pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect, as if they were our own.


It is our privilege to offer our individual pet cremation service for local pets on the Mid Coast of NSW.


Wayne and Liz



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