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We offer variety of different stainless steel jewellery pieces for pet owners that want to keep their pet close to them. A small amount of your pet’s ash is placed into the selected jewellery piece by us and will be returned to you when your pet is returned.

product 8
ink print_edited.jpg

A perfect way to remember your pet and is by having us take a black ink print impression of your pet's paw.


We will take the ink print of your pet prior to cremation and it will be come back to you when you pet is returned. 


The black ink paw print is on a on white cardboard for you to frame or have a tattoo made from it.

product 9

Your pet’s paw will be pressed into the white air-dried clay to give a detailed impression of their paw for you to keep forever. It is beautifully presented in a faux leather case that can hold a photo of your pet on either the outside or inside of the case.


Depending on the size of you pet we can usually only fit one paw per case, except if your pet is small, we may be able to fit two paw impressions in the one kit.


You can add your photo when your pet is returned to you.

clay impression_edited.jpg
product 10

A nice keepsake to have is a lock of your pet’s fur to remember them by. Included in this option is a lock of your pet’s fur that will be returned to you in a zip lock plastic bag within a purpose made envelope.


If you want fur from a certain area or favourite spot on your pet, please advise us on pick up.

product 11

This is great option for pet owners that want a marker in their garden to remember their pet and it is a perfect option if you are scattering or burying your pet’s ashes.


The size of the sandstone monument is 20cm x 16cm x 5cm thick with the edges of the monument being chipped away. Being sandstone it is very heavy.


It comes complete with an engraved outdoor suitable plaque.

sandstone monument large_edited.jpg
product 12
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