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About Us

Our journey into owning our own pet cremation business began over 27 years ago when we first used a pet cremation service when our beloved Dachshund ‘Emma’ unexpectedly passed away.


We decided on cremation for Emma because at the time we were renting and didn't want to bury her and leave her behind when we moved.


We continued to have our pets individually cremated over the years with the long-term goal to have them all together again when we were in our forever home.

In 2012, an opportunity arose for us to purchase a local pet cremation business that had been operating since 1986 and serviced our local area of the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, and Penrith areas. 


Having used the services of another pet cremation business for over 15 years we knew as a pet parent what to expect and it was through these experiences that we felt that there was a need for a more personalised service.

Our philosophy was simple, we treated every pet as if they were our own. They were known to us by their name and came to us with stories of joy and sadness. It was our commitment to the pets entrusted into our care that their final journey was one of love, compassion and dignity. 

Our family owned and operated this business for many years until we decided to move our family and fur kids 3 ½ north of Sydney to a beautiful farm we bought at Nabiac NSW.

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cat dolly.jpg

In 2021 we finally made the move to Nabiac along with our 5 dogs, 3 cats, 2 sheep and a goat. 


Since moving to Nabiac we have lost 3 beautiful souls, Penny and Lewis our two elderly Bullmastiffs and Buzz my handsome Exotic Shorthaired cat. We have had to rely on other pet cremation businesses to cremate our babies and found it difficult to find a local company that could accommodate us.

This is where the idea evolved for Midcoast Pet Cremations. 

Midcoast Pet Cremations is owned and operated by us Wayne and Liz, from our farm at Nabiac NSW. We operate on the same principles as our previous pet cremation business, where every pet is individually cremated and treated as if they are our own. They are known to us by their name and are treated with utmost care, respect and dignity. 

First and foremost, we are animal lovers, and it will be a privilege for us to care for your pet on their final journey.

Wayne and Liz


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